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Create an experience that will keep your guests and co-workers talking!

When managing an event that revolves around your professional life, stress can build quickly. You want to provide an entertaining and engaging experience for all of your guests to remember. 



Music can be a saving grace or constant source of contention for your event. Utilize the professional experience of Noah Cothern and The Guys in Ties to create an atmosphere that will provide your guests with a background of their favorite songs to go along with great memories.



Experienced with all types of events from an acoustic instrumental performance for a managers luncheon to a celebatory party where your guests can let loose, sing along and dance. 



We are here for you to accomodate every aspect from volume to song list.



Customized set list upon request as well as customized video auditions for your specific event to ensure we can provide exactly what you need before ever making a commitment.



Hosting Liquid Brunch on the overlook at The Historic Strand Theatre in Marietta GA.

Performing at the elegant Château Élan

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